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General policy

Quality policy
The complex of testing laboratories (hereinafter referred to as CTL) has a high personnel potential, and also follows its main course aimed at creating competitive laboratory testing services and meeting the needs of Customers as fully as possible, while guaranteeing independence, objectivity.
Our mission
Our strategic goals
Achieving strategic goals
The achievement of strategic goals is ensured by:
Development and continuous improvement of the quality management system, increasing its efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, accreditation criteria;

Conducting tests, in accordance with the current external and internal regulatory and methodological documentation;
Regular professional development and competence of employees in order to prepare for the implementation of new production tasks, the development of new test methods;
Permanent participation in interlaboratory comparative tests;
Periodic analysis of the quality management system for permanent suitability, effectiveness;
Management of external and internal factors affecting the achievement of results, identification and management of risks and opportunities within the framework of the company's process activities on an ongoing basis, in order to prevent the occurrence of inappropriate situations;
Mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers based on mutual trust, respect and partnership;
Development of the material and technical base and maintaining it in working condition; ​​​​​​​
Ensuring compliance with environmental conditions;
Compliance by all employees with the conditions of labor protection, fire and other safety;
Providing adequate resources to achieve each of the above objectives.
Impartiality policy
          The TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX fulfills the requirements of impartiality established by GOST ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".
The TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX does not offer or provide any services that may call into question the impartiality of employees during testing.
          The TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX, in accordance with a documented procedure, regularly analyzes and identifies potential risks to impartiality that may arise as a result of the activities and interactions of the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX, as well as employee relationships.
If risks to impartiality are identified, the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX documents the risks and evaluates them.
In the presence of unacceptable risks, they plan and implement measures to eliminate or minimize these risks.
Privacy Policy
          When gaining access to the information necessary to carry out effective conformity assessment measures, the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX guarantees that its confidentiality will be preserved.
The TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX voluntarily accepts contractual obligations to respect confidentiality and is responsible for managing all information designated by its owner as "Confidential", received or created during conformity assessment activities.
         We undertake to inform the customer in advance about the information we use, which part of this information we intend to make public, except for the information that the customer himself has made public, or which is agreed by contractual obligations between the customer and the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX.
          In the event that the Laboratory is required to disclose confidential information in accordance with the legislation or in accordance with the powers obtained under contractual obligations, the applicant or the interested person will be notified of the provision of information without fail, unless this is prohibited by the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
          Information about the customer received both from other sources and from the applicant himself is considered confidential by default in the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX and is not subject to disclosure.
          The entire staff of the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX preserves the confidentiality of all information received or created during the performance of conformity assessment work, except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
          The TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX has and uses means to ensure security when working with confidential information and conformity assessment objects.
          The responsibility for confidentiality lies with the top management of the Company, as well as personally on each of the employees.
In case of illegal actions on the use of confidential information, the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX and employees are responsible in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
          The management of TOPFIN RESULT LLC undertakes to follow the General Policy of the TESTING LABORATORY COMPLEX and encourages all employees to adhere to the above goals and objectives at all stages of work.
           All employees of the COMPLEX TESTING LABORATORY are familiar with the documentation of the management system and follow the established policies and procedures in their activities.
Laboratory Quality Policy
            The policy of the Technopark testing laboratory at TOPFIN RESULT LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Laboratory), consisting of the departments of sample preparation, analytical laboratory, instrumental analysis, assay analysis, metallurgy. Geological samples (rock, soil, sand), ores (mines, ores), liquid, gold, silver, AAS-FA-ICP (OES) production with various dissolution methodologies, multi-element analysis, gold and silver analysis services, total sulfur (for storage quality at the highest level due to rapid response requirements for carbon (C) determination, demonstration of professional technical applications, continuous training, qualified and competent expert personnel and provision of resources for changes that have become necessary as a result of the development of technology.
The top management of the laboratory undertakes to ensure the continuity of the laboratory quality management system, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, customer requirements and legislation, the competence of the personnel who will conduct the analysis, accreditation by the accrediting organization with confirmed international recognition.
We commit to effectively implement the system and continuously improve it in accordance with the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17025:2017
          When selecting and purchasing the necessary service and hardware materials for the laboratory, it is taken into account that they do not negatively affect the quality of tests.
Analysis methods published by national/international and/or trusted organizations will be used in analytical services, and internal control of the study will be carried out in case of changes in analysis methods.
Ensuring its traceability in accordance with the interlaboratory system using standard samples (CRM-Oreas / Geostats, etc.) certified according to international standards, ensuring reliability and competence through interlaboratory comparative measurements (Round Robin).
To be reliable with repeatable, comparable accurate test and measurement analysis results when measurement uncertainties required by the customer at the national and international levels are kept to a minimum without neglecting them.
For this purpose, the laboratory has created a quality management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, and the documents provided for by the standard have been published and implemented in practice. All laboratory staff are required to study these documents and conduct analytical studies in accordance with the policies, procedures and principles set out in these documents.
The laboratory staff adheres to the principle of specializing in their field, being impartial in their work and not taking any actions that would reduce confidence in their honesty regarding decision-making and work.
           Speed, accuracy, continuity, trust, equality, impartiality and protection of confidential information, electronic storage of analysis results and transmission of information through the full application of the principles of confidentiality and cooperation to do all the necessary work to increase satisfaction. Objectivity, independence, honesty, confidentiality, reliability and quality are the main principles of our laboratory.

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